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    Q: What types of businesses do you work with?

    A: Our specialty is small business marketing and strategy. Since 2008, we’ve consulted with a variety of partners, including financial institutions, ad agencies, magazines, and others.

    Prior to founding Fuchsia Focus, President Traci Tucker worked in credit union marketing and financial marketing with GTE Financial/Federal Credit Union for more than 16 years and was involved in marketing and planning projects and special events for the Tampa Chapter of Credit Unions, the Florida Credit Union League, Florida Credit Union Shared Services, the Tampa Bay Partnership, and Leadership Tampa Bay, working with Bayshore Solutions and the LTB Board to design, organize, and launch LTB’s first web site.

    Q: What types of plans do you write?

    A: Fuchsia Focus is adept at developing many types of plans including credit union and small business marketing plans, strategic plans, action plans, and communications plans.

    The process for each is very similar: determine your goals, analyze your current situation and target market, then determine the best strategies and course of action to take based on your environment in order to reach your objectives.

    While the products and processes may be very similar, each organization is unique in its brand (by design or default), the market it serves, the nature of its membership or customers, and its strategies.

    Every project and every marketing plan we are involved with relies on established, thorough processes and industry knowledge, research, and experience, but with equal focus placed on the individuality of the client and their goals and objectives.

    Unless specific consent is obtained, all discussions, marketing plans, and projects are considered to be privileged and completely confidential.

    Q: What is your proposal process?

    A: After an interview with you about your goals, we’ll outline the project or marketing plan requirements. Fuchsia Focus will provide a detailed proposal and estimate within two business days. The proposal will, at a minimum, include the project scope and goals; requirements; expected tasks; budget and timeline; pricing; and the contract for work.

    Q: Do you have to complete the whole project or marketing plan? What if I’d like your help with just certain tasks or elements?

    A: While completion of the entire marketing plan project is our preference for the sake of cohesiveness, we understand that you may have specific needs and will tailor each proposal to that end.

    An alternative is to break down a large plan or project into phases with specific deliverables, so that you may gain confidence in our work and become comfortable with our style before committing to the entire project.

    We also consider retainers in the case where you may want ongoing support, for example, if you are in between marketing managers or agencies, need to scale up a project without adding permanent staff, or have a large, longer term project with a difficult-to-define scope, such as a merger or conversion or a retooling of your planning process.