The mission of Fuchsia Focus is to fuse our philosophy and values with our skill and experience to bring creative, thorough marketing strategies to our partners.

Our desire is to help you get back in balance by offering you our energy and perspective, applying our experience, and making a contribution to your business or organization through strategic marketing planning and execution that delivers.

Our goal is to apply our core ethos—fusing process with creativity to make a difference—in order to provide practical strategic marketing solutions that aid in accomplishing your goals.

Traci Tucker, Founder and President

Traci has worked in the marketing, advertising, and communications field for more than 25 years. She provides marketing services to many types of businesses and individuals as a marketing consultant and strategic planning consultant.

In addition to providing many types of strategic marketing services, Traci is an energetic speaker and effective facilitator leading workshops and planning sessions.

Traci is also the author of the women’s fiction novel The Salt and the Salve, available in paperback and for Kindle on amazon.com.



HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Certified

Inbound Marketing Certified

Fuchsia Philosophy and Values

As an organic small business offering marketing services and strategic planning consulting, it is important that Fuchsia work with partners who have similar values and with whom we have mutual like and respect.


Process + Creativity = Contribution


Contribution; Independence; Quality; Relationship; Responsibility


Creativity and Vision; Intrepid Drive and Determination; High Standards and Pride in Our Work; Influencing; Intimacy; Self-Reliance; Thoroughness


Action-Oriented and Initiating; Ardent and Earnest; Candid; Collaborative; Jocular; Heart-Centered